Innovate Iowa

About Us

Innovate Iowa is a grassroots initiative that unites health consumers, biopharmaceutical company employees and retirees, vendors, suppliers and other business, academic and community partners to demonstrate how these diverse groups work together to improve our health care system and strengthen both the national and Iowa economies.

Each and every one of us plays an important role in helping Americans gain and maintain access to life-saving medicines, fight chronic disease and lead longer, healthier lives. Our collective efforts contribute to the overall economic strength of Iowa and maintain its role as a leader for medical innovation. We invite you to:

  • Join our efforts to protect and strengthen patients' access to life-saving medicines;

  • Discover ways in which we can all work together to improve health care and strengthen both the national and Iowa economies;

  • Understand why now, more than ever, it is imperative that we reinforce our commitment to medical progress; and

  • Find out how to participate with us in local events and online discussions to educate others about our contributions to the health and well-being of all Americans.

Together, we Innovate Iowa.

Advisory Board Members

Jay Byers
President, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Tom Swegle
President, MedCara Pharmaceuticals

Elliott Smith
President, Iowa Business Council

Dr. Andy McGuire
Physician and Business Leader

Robert Riley, Jr.
Iowa Innovation Council

Dr. Rob Denson
President, Des Moines Area Community College

Joe Hrdlicka
Executive Director, Iowa Biotechnology Association